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Bates Motel gets a facelift

Bates Motel and Haunted Hayride Rocks This Weekend

Our fire eater on the roof of the gift shop at the Bates Motel

Our fire eater on the roof of the gift shop at the Bates Motel

The Bates Motel and Haunted Hayride had a big Saturday night on October 5th, with lots going on. 104.5 was here giving out prizes and signing autographs. Our Green Screen team took hundreds of HD photos of our guests that they could buy in the courtyard. Bates Motel also promoted Lifetime TV’s brand new series, the Witches of East End, that premiers tonight at 10 pm, 9 Central, on Lifetime. Their street team was here giving out posters and cards and talking it up. Randy's phone 036 Don’t forget that Wednesday, October 23rd is family night. Buy 4 or more combo tickets and get $10 off each of them.

Bates Motel Rated #1 Scariest Attraction in the World!

Early this month, Nster News came out with a top 15 list of the world’s scariest tourist attractions, and guess what? Bates Motel

came in at the number one spot! All year we have strived to create new scenes and sets to make the Bates Motel and Haunted Hayride even better than before. All that hard work has finally paid off. The haunted Hayride has been upgraded with two new huge scenes, and many of our Hollywood quality sets have additional props and scares to make 2013 the scariest year ever. The Bates Motel haunted house has new props and rooms and a big finale you won’t want to miss.

The Zombie Mall comes to life

The Zombie Mall comes to life


The Bates Motel opens it’s doors this Friday, September 27th for our 23rd season of terror and fear. here’s a shot of our new wine cellar.

Wine Cellar in the Bates Motel

Wine Cellar in the Bates Motel


Discount tickets are available for this weekend only. Click here to buy the early bird special tickets, good September 27th, 28th and 29th.


The Bates Motel Blog is here!

Werewolf Attack scene at Bates Motel Haunted Trail

The Bates Motel crew pride themselves on building unique sets and custom, one of a kind, props. This year we are adding a huge werewolf attack scene in the corn maze trail. Here is a shot of one of the props under construction.

Werewolf Cave

The cave was made with a steel and wire frame, then shot with foam to create the rocks you see here. Once the shell is finished, the animatronic werewolf and a victim will be installed inside. We have a custom soundtrack designed for this scene to give it the full effect.

Amy painting both Werewolf Attack Rock Caves

Bates Motel and Haunted Hayride Build Update

The Dragon at Dark Castle

The new Dark Castle at The Bates Motel Haunted Hayride entrance is almost complete. We are working overtime to get this scene ready so it will be featured on “The World’s Greatest” TV show this fall on ION. All thats left to do is some touch up painting and installation of lighting and pyro effects. ION will be here next Friday to begin shooting the show!


Bates Motel Owners Present a check to the American Cancer Society

The Bates family has always supported various charity organizations throughout the year. One of the main charitable groups is the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life, held at Penncrest High School this May. For the last 12 years, Anne and Randy Bates have donated time, materials and money to this worthy cause. Last year they hosted the Run for Hope on their farm, and have supported various Relay for Life events throughout the region. Here you see Anne and Randy Bates on the right presenting a check to Kim Wienches of the American Cancer Society at the recent event in Middletown, Delaware County

Bates Motel Castle gets an Extreme Makover

New framework for the Hayride Castle


The Bates Motel build crew have been hard at work upgrading the Hayride Castle. We have added taller parapits, longer walls and new surprises! Here you can see Joe working on the framework to strengthen the structure.


Once the framework was completed, the entire structure was shot with a rigid foam coating to help preserve it and act as a canvas for carving the blocks and bringing the castle to life

Bates Motel gets Extreme Makeover

The build and design crew have been working all winter to renovate and improve the number one Haunted Attraction in America. They have ripped out five entire rooms and hallways and have plans in place to make this awesome attraction even better for 2012!

Tearing out the walls inside the Bates Motel

With the mild winter, we have been able to work inside the Haunted House (no heat) for the last several weeks, removing props, sets and wall panels in anticipation of major additions for the upcoming season. Some of the ideas we have conjured up are a high-tech haunted kitchen, basement and boiler scene and a highly detailed wine cellar. All these rooms will be outfitted with amazing scares and surprises. If anyone has any ideas for room design or would like to see something different, email us at

Bates Motel is Rocking this October

The Bates Motel and Haunted Hayride is blowing the doors off all the other attractions in the Philadelphia area this year. With a brand new trail in the Haunted Hayride, and massive new sets, this ride is better than ever. Customers are loving the new scenes and scares. The haunted trail features more actors and new props that will blow you away. With giant mechanical spiders, and a life-size alligator and new pond scene, guests have been raving about our corn field trail. The infamous Bates Motel has also added new rooms and more actors than ever to give you the best Halloween family fun. Don’t forget to check out our sponsor, Paranormal Activity 3, that will premier in theatres October 21st. here’s a shot from the movie

Opening in theatres next week

Don’t forget to visit Pennhurst Asylum, America’s Scariest Haunted Attraction.